All the following are weapons designs for Zodiac Arms Industries, a fictional corporation designed for Shadowrun by a freelance source known on Internet Relay Chat as KatanaJ.

Zodiac Firebird: This slick black assault rifle with ruby-red highlights is the ideal weapon for the mercenary on the go. With power on par with today's top competitors, it packs a hefty punch yet can break down quickly for fast storage. Each model can be fitted with custom handgrips and comes with a powerful laser sight built in! Plus, the Firebird's integral sound suppression system and ceramic casing keep things quiet and lightweight. For 4500 nuyen, you get a lot of extras for your money! Order your Firebird today!!

Assault Rifle

Firing mode: SA/BF/FA

Power: 9M

Ammo: 40(Firebird has a special extended clip)

Recoil Compensation: 2 points

Easy Breakdown

High-power laser sight

Integral Sound Suppressor

Ceramic components (+2 to conceal versus MAD detectors)

Conceal: 4(6 versus MAD scanner)

Cost: 4500 nuyen Street index: 2

Zodiac Gremlin: For those who need to feel secure but don't like to cart a lot of weight around, consider the Gremlin. Available in a variety of colors, the Gremlin weighs less than half a kilo and still packs decent firepower. Completely composed of polyresins and ceramic parts, you can carry it through a metal detector and not set off any sirens! A steal at 450 nuyen, the Zodiac Gremlin is the holdout weapon of choice for the concerned buyer!

Holdout Pistol

Firing mode: SA

Power: 5L

Ammo: 4(c)

Undetectable to MAD scanners, though ammo may show up

Conceal: 8

Cost: 450 nuyen

Street index: 1

Zodiac Gemini: Ready for a step up from the Roomsweeper? Do you like double the trouble for your money? Then the Gemini package is for you! This classy double-barreled shotgun is reminiscent of the classic fox hunt gun, but modified for today's urban chaos. The shortened barrels allow better concealability without having to saw the barrel off, and the CAWS (high pressure)chambering gives the Gemini a serious punch. The Gemini comes with your choice of matte black or cobalt blue steel barrels, and the stockless pistol grip comes standard. Each Gemini also comes with a custom holster which you can strap to your back or along your leg. Plus, for a limited time, if you buy one Gemini at the regular market price of 1200 nuyen, you can get a second Gemini for half price!

Shotgun Firing Mode: SS(though firing both barrels at once can be done, and counts as a single Burst- use the Burst Fire rules)

Power: 10S

Ammo: 2(b) (can only fire CAWS rounds)

1 point of Recoil Compensation

Shortened Barrel(-10% range of fire)

Break Action

Cannot be internally Smartlinked(no room) but can use external Smartgun adapter

Light enough to be wielded 1-handed, but suffers double recoil if fired as a 2-barrel burst

Conceal: 5

Cost: 1200 nuyen (1800 if bought as a 2-gun package)

Street Index: 1.5

Zodiac Shadow: Those familiar with the Gremlin will appreciate the light weight and ease of conceal of the new Zodiac Shadow. Like its smaller brother, it is composed entirely of ceramics and plastics and can pass through a metal detector while unloaded. Better still, the Shadow has a streamlined design that keeps it out of sight when discretion is required. The Shadow can be custom-fitted to your own hand, even to the point of flesh-tone colors.

Light Pistol

Firing mode: SA

Power: 6L

Ammo: 12(c)

Conceal: 8(invisible to MAD scanners)

Cost: 900 nuyen

Street Index: 2

Zodiac ZT Taser: Zodiac is proud to unveil their latest non-lethal self defense product. With the ZT Taser Gauntlet system, the crook doesn't know what's coming till it's too late! Built into a sturdy black "gauntlet" style leather glove, the ZT unit can be fired by a palm trigger and hits home fast. The ZT can be built into a left or right hand glove, and comes with a matched glove for the other hand. You can swap the unit between gloves- keep your opponent guessing!! Now you too can hurl the thunderbolts of Zeus!


Firing mode: SS

Power: 12S Stun

Ammo: 3(m)

Conceal: 7

Invisible to MAD scanners

Cost: 1200 nuyen for the full package

Street Index: 2

Zodiac Nighthawk: For when you absolutely, positively have to hit the target- and the weather isn't in your favor. The gray casing of this fine sniping rifle hides a plethora of extras- a quick breakdown time, lightweight folding bipod and integral silencer, and a built-in ultrasonic scope. Catch obscured or invisible targets before they catch you! Comes with a custom-ordered carrying case.

Sniper Rifle

Firing Mode: SA

Power: 16S

Ammo: 10(m)

Conceal: N/A

Easy Breakdown

Ultrasound sights

Folding Bipod integral

Cost: 4500 including custom briefcase

Street Index: 4.5

Zodiac Trident: In response to the HK G-38 modular rifle, we at Zodiac offer a comparable system at a competitive price. The Trident multiweapon system can be assembled in three separate configurations- as an assault rifle, a carbine, or light machine gun. Each setup boasts a 50-round clip standard and an integral Gas Vent-IV system. Combined with a top-mount laser sight and a low-light optimag-3 system, the Trident offers a lot of bang for your buck! Order now, supplies are limited!

Modular weapon system Firing mode: SA/BF/FA(assault rifle), SA/BF(carbine), BF/FA(LMG)

Power: 8M(assault), 7S(carbine), 8M(LMG)

Ammo: 50(c)

Conceal: -

Price: 4500 nuyen

Street Index: 3

Zodiac Scorpio: This bad boy packs a nasty sting! The Scorpio's flame-tinted casing hides an internal smartgun system and Gas Vent-IV, and offers the option of a 40-round ammo box or direct belt feed. In addition, comparable models with the same options can often weigh as much as 16- 18 kilograms, but the designers at Zodiac have cut the weight down to 10 kilos! For 5000 nuyen, it's the best value for your money you can find!


Firing Mode: BF/FA

Power: 8S

Ammo: 40(c)/belt

Conceal: -

Price: 5000 nuyen

Street Index: 4

Zodiac Hydra: While the Hydra Heavy Machine Gun may not have nine heads, it's a sleek, powerful monster designed for the merc with a lot of lead-slinging to do! Only slightly heavier than the RPK HMG, the Hydra boasts a Selectable clip option enabling it to feed to two separate ammo boxes or belts. No more running out of ammo in a tight spot or wasted time feeding a new belt in! In addition, the Hydra comes with a top-mount laser sight and Gas Vent-II standard. Watch out, because the Hydra's bite is worse than its bark!!

HMG Firing Mode: FA

Power: 12S

Ammo: 30(c)/belt

Conceal: -

Price: 8000 nuyen

Street Index: 3

Zodiac Leviathan: Designed especially with today's larger folks in mind, Zodiac offers a big gun for big people- with a few bonuses! Made specifically with the troll customer in mind, the Leviathan AC is one of the deadliest man-portable weapons around. Equipped with a hip-pad brace and optional belt-feed capacity, the Leviathan can punch through plascrete like a knife through butter. And if the dust starts to kick up too much, kick in the Ultrasound scope to keep on firing even in the thickest of hazes! This is one assault cannon to watch out for!

Assault Cannon

Firing Mode: SS

Power: 20D

Ammo: 20(c)/belt

Conceal: Yeah, right

Metahuman design; made specifically for trolls

Hip pad brace offers 1 point of Recoil reduction

Total weight of unit is 21.75 kilos

Price: 9750 nuyen

Street Index: 5