Heckler and Koch HK-28 CSAW
The HK CSAW (close squad automatic weapon) is the CAWS' big brother. It fires the same 19.5X76B high pressure shotshell as it's little brother, but it's fully auto and is fed from 50 round prepackaged belts in "battlepacks". It mounts a mag1 scope as standard and comes with a spare barrel and bipod as standard. This weapon "like all HK weapons, has a very modular design, allowing it to use diferent fire control units. There are currently three FC units available with this weapon, a standard unit, one containing a Smartlink 2.2 (multiple projectile)and one for vehicle mounting that dispenses with the pistol grip, selector lever and trigger, allowing it to be tied in to the vehicle's fire control system. This weapon has a built in recoil compensation of 3.
Type Fire modes Ammo damage weight Conceal price SI availibility
SMG/GRL(slug rounds) SA/BF/FA Belt 12S 10.45KG ha! 3,500 2 5/6days

The CASW-K Close Squad Automatic Weapon is the shorter, handier version of the CSAW with a telescoping stock and shorter barrel, Designed for use by Seal teams and other units working in close terrain and needing a shorter weapon than the standard HK-52, the A3 "kurtz"(short) is a full four unches shorter than its predecessor when fully deployed and an amazing 16 inches shorter with the stock folded. it mounts standard iron sights instead of the scope. this weapon has a built in recoil compensation of 3

Type Fire modes Ammo Damage weight Conceal price SI Avail
SMG/GRL SA/BF/FA Belt 12S 10KG 2/3 4,000 2 5/6days

Both of these weapons can only use CAWS ammunition, because CAWS rounds generate enough recoil impulse to actuate the gun. Due to the design of the weapon, use normal weapon recoil rules. Firing the gun with the stock folded removes all recoil compensation benefits and doubles the TN to hit.