Ares Arms Rifle Caliber Conversion Unit

Ever wanted to go hunting with your pistol but didn't because you thought your predator was too light for big game? You can stop worrying about imminent death at the tusks of a Piasma, and start worrying about hauling its carcass around, because Ares Arms has just come out with the rifle caliber conversion unit for your Ares Predator pistol. Simply remove the magazine, barrel, slide stop, and slide unit, replace them with the included Single-shot action/barrel unit and reinsert your slide stop. You can now go out and hunt with your predator with confidence. (You do need to have this mounted on a Predator in order for it to fire.)

Type: Heavy Pistol (uses sporting rifle (7.62mm NATO/.308 Winchester) ammunition and the shotgun range table)

Conceal: 4

Weight: 2.3KG

Damage: 9S

Fire Mode: SS

Capacity: 1 (must be reloaded after every shot)

Recoil Compensation: N/A

Price: 225

Legality: 6p-e

Availability: 10/12 hours

Accessories: cleaning kit, manual, scope mount

*This weapon cannot use any kind of ammunition besides standard or gel rounds, because usage of any other type will cause the slide stop pin to shear (due to the different recoil harmonics), resulting in the unit sliding off the back end of the pistol at high velocity. While this does result in a recoilless pistol, it also ends up with the wielder taking 8m stun, without the benefit of their combat pool or armor. Silencing this pistol increases the concealability to 2 and lowers the damage to 4l, as the projectiles fired from this weapon rely in their velocity for their damage. A specialization in the Ares Predator counts for this weapon as well.

(>)What exactly is this good for? It's not particularly concealable and you have to reload after every shot.

(>) Jarhead

(>)Not to mention the fearsome muzzle blast!


(>)It is big and bulky, but it does offer a reasonably competent runner the ability to take down relatively "hard" targets without having to resort to a full-size weapon. It isn't much against a troll if you hit him in the body, but putting a 7.62mm NATO round in the back (or front) of his head will ruin his whole day.


(>)Not to mention the legitimate hunting usage.

(>) Great White Hunter

(>) Riiight.

(>) Amadkow